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Jeri Chien


As an innovative freestyle and street dancer, Jeri Hao’s dance speaks louder than his words. His dance journey started in 2002 with breakin’, and has been busy ever since. He has grooved out to other style of dance; i.e., Hip Hop, House, and Poppin’, and has branched out further to other medium of Hip Hop, such include deejay and graffiti. Jeri is a member of Canada’s top Breakin Crew, Now Or Never. He was the sole artistic director and choreographer of N.O.N and along with his crew, they have travelled worldwide to compete and showcase their love for the art. 2008 was remarkable. NON competed the world-renowned Battle of The Year in Germany. Jeri’s recent dance credits include Vancouver 2010 Olympic center-stage dancer/ performer, 1st Place in Rock Da House I & II (Hip Hop/ Experimental), Mighty 4, Ground Zero and many other competitions. You may be able to catch him on Youtube, but it’s by far more inspiring to dance with him.

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