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Body alignment, technique, musicality, aesthetic purity of line, and grace coalesce to produce a wonderful fluidity of movement. Dance Co offers ballet classes and examinations in the Cecchetti training method. Live accompaniment both inspires and challenges the students to grow musically.


A constantly evolving style of movement that is initiated from an emotional standpoint. Based on the Graham, Limon and Cunningham techniques with an athletic approach.


Continuous gentle owing technical ballet and jazz movements which blend smoothly from one to the next to interpret slower-paced music tempos. Emphasis is placed on expressive, fluid movements and the “storytelling” of the music or lyrics of a song.


Jazz dance is taught to the music of today, layering jazz style over traditional ballet technique. Developing flexibility, strength and co-ordination of total body through warm up, centre exercises, across the floor turns and progressions as well as high energy choreography.


The fundamentals of both “old school” (popping and locking) and “new school” (krumping, hyphy and bucking, crip walking and harlem shaking) are taught in the awe-inspiring, yet accessible dance style. Street moves are fused with footwork derived from breaking to create a heady hybrid that borrows equally from both club dancing and funk.


Acrobatics teaches flexibility, balance, strength, muscle control, discipline, and concentration. Yoga, Pilates and physical conditioning are blended in Body Conditioning classes with specific attention placed on proper skeletal alignment to ensure correct dance technique and overall good health.


Combines the elements of voice, theatre and different dance styles to produce entertaining, Broadway-style routines. Stage teaches our dancers the importance of performance and holding the audiences attention. These are integral skills for any dancer wishing to pursue a professional career. 


A high-energy style of dance where rhythm, style and technique are intertwined to let your feet play the music. Dance Co also offers CDTA examination classes to students at a competitive, intensive, company and professional level.

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