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About Dance Co

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Students learn best through positive reinforcement -- we work to build outstanding dancers in body, mind and spirit. Mentored by our inspiring faculty, our dancers master a breadth of styles to become diverse and well-trained dancers. Opportunities such as excellent technique classes, performances, competitions, examinations, dance training trips allow our dancers to develop into well-rounded and confident dancers.

Our impeccable faculty ensures that each student’s artistry, musicality, creativity, and natural abilities are developed while instilling strong technique and joy for dance. With 6 divisions and an average of 6 different levels per age group, Dance Co has the perfect program for all levels of dancers. With an average of 8 students per class, Dance Co’s small class sizes allows us to constantly challenge our dancers to move forward and succeed in their training regardless of their level.

Dance Co believes in providing state-of-the-art training facilities to take our students to new heights in dance education. Dance Co Arbutus offers an evolving 8-studio space with professional sprung hardwood and marley flooring. Dance Co Fraser is a stunningly restored and newly-renovated space with five bright, restored studios and an in-house black-box theatre to host professional dance shows. 


Impeccable Faculty


All of Dance Co's uniforms are hand-crafted in the professional wardrobe department on-site at our Arbutus location. Our seamstresses also create stunning costumes for our performances. With a dedicated team of costume designers and seamstresses, we guarantee optimal fit, style, and customization of each and every costume, bringing our faculty’s visions to life.

Hand-Crafted Uniforms & Costumes

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