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In House Physiotherapy


  • Students’ overall health and wellness is a top priority at Dance Co. To ensure that dancers have dedicated access to injury prevention and rehabilitation services, we have partnered with Dance Co alumnus Emily Chinn, PT to offer on-site physiotherapy. 

  • Injury prevention is a strong focus at all levels of training. When dancers understand how to prepare themselves for the physical demands of dance and access the proper interventions when necessary, they can minimize the impact of injury on their physical and mental health.

  • Annual health screenings at the start of every season are recommended to identify imbalances in strength and flexibility that could lead to injury. Then, customized strength programs are developed to help dancers improve in these areas.

  • Appointments are available throughout the year to diagnose injuries and start treatment. Dancers are encouraged to seek the assistance of health professionals upon first sign of discomfort to maximize class participation.  

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Emily Chinn, PT

Emily is a registered physiotherapist, obtaining her Master of Science degree in Physical Therapy at the University of Toronto and Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology at Simon Fraser University. Her experience being a former student at Dance Co for over 10 years and participating in the Pro Half Day program has led her to take a special interest in working with dancers.


Emily’s understanding about the demands of dance enables her to provide more specific treatment and education for optimal injury prevention and rehabilitation. Emily is passionate about helping others learn how to take care of their bodies for lifelong participation in the activities that they love.

Next Steps


Please reach out if you have any questions or would like to book an appointment. Online booking is currently available for Dance Co students only.


Phone: 778-806-8167


Online booking:



On-site physiotherapy for Dance Co students is offered at Dance Co Arbutus (4230 Yew St.) on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

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