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Professional Half-Day Program

Dance Co's impeccable faculty provides a highly competitive Professional Half-Day Dance/Academic Program to gifted young dancers. In addition to advanced dance ability and natural talent, individuals participating in this extensive, all-embracing training program must possess a passion for, and dedication to, dance. If dance is your life, this is the program for you!

Professional Half-Day dancers have the opportunity to work with award-winning nationally and internationally acclaimed choreographers and mentors. Dancers train and study in all disciplines all aspects of dance, including anatomy, bodywork, conditioning, musicology, choreography, and dance history. Additionally, PHD students have the chance to hone their pedagogical skills as part of Dance Co’s Teacher-in-Training Program. Dancers will also be given the chance to work on choreography projects throughout the program to explore their artistry and creativity.

For more information on our Pro Half-Day Program attend our Info Night on Sunday, November 24, 2024 at 6:30pm. We will display some choreography from our half-day students as well as have more information for you. There will be a Q&A portion of the event.



The Professional Half-Day Training Program is eligible to grade 8-12 students who are looking for a highly challenging educational training program that enables them to balance a rigorous 20+ hours dance-training schedule while concurrently maintaining a high academic standard. This fantastic program allows dancers to allocate additional hours during the school day to dance, and yet still meet – and often exceed – their academic requirements.

All students must either be part of the Magee Senior Secondary SPARTS programs, or obtain permission from their home school (the home school must have a non-rotating block schedule). The SPARTS program students are encouraged in their performance opportunities throughout the year. Rather than penalizing students for absences, academic teachers at SPARTS schools give students the flexibility to make up classwork that conflicts with performances.

For more information on the Magee SPARTS Program – CLICK HERE.


Works of Dance -- Showcase of works developed during danceLab summer intensive
Aug/early Sept

PHD Info Night -- Showcase of choreography developed during Pro-Half Day Program
Sunday, November 24th – At Dance Co Arbutus

Sneak Peek Performance -- Pre-show for dancers to prepare for upcoming competitions
January & February

Competitions & Festivals - At least 3 or 4 over the course of the season (often opportunities to add more)

February - June

Recital & Showcase -- Year-end show
May/early June

*Dancers may be given additional performances throughout the year.


Competitions & Festivals

Dance Co’s Professional Half-Day dancers compete both regionally and at out of town events each season, and are required to travel to meet their competition schedule. In past years members of our PHD program trained and/or competed in Italy, New York, Seattle, San Antonio, Austin, and Los Angeles. In each city, our PHD dancers took home scholarships for outstanding achievement, high standings, and overall high score awards.


Please refer to our Studio Calendar for dates.

Application & Auditions

Dance Co's Professional Half-Day Application is due in late November/early December (exact date TBA). Acceptance into the program will be conditional on whether the student is accepted into one of our Intensive or Company teams for the upcoming season. Once the student submits an application form, we will set up a private audition.

Dancers who are already a part of Dance Co's intensive/company program do not need to re-audition each year. Instead, we will base their next year's placement on their performance over the course of the dance season. We highly encourage you to apply!


danceLab Summer Intensive
Aug 19 - 30, 2024

danceLab is specially designed for our Competitive, Intensive, Company and Professional Half-Day students. This unique summer intensive features technique classes in Contemporary, Jazz, Ballet, Core Alignment, Body Awareness/Anatomy, Improv, Lyrical, Tap, Hip Hop and Acro. Also, dancers will be given the amazing opportunity to work with international choreographers and learn pieces to compete throughout the year. Save the date!

CLICK HERE for details about danceLab 2024!

*Please note that danceLab is required for all students accepted into the fall Professional Half-Day program and is included in your tuition. Please contact the Dance Co office if you have any conflicts. 

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