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Aerial Silks & Tumbling

We are so excited to announce our Circus Arts classes including aerial silks and tumbling programs! We have classes available for all experience levels. This includes those who have no previous acro/dance/circus arts experience to those who are in any of our competitive training programs. These programs are highly recommended for students who are already a part of our competitive / intensive / company acro programs. 

These programs run at our Dance Co Arbutus location with brand-new aerial silks and tumble track equipment!

We have fantastic faculty members who are specialized in aerial silks and tumbling to make this a truly outstanding learning experience for all of our competitive students.


We look forward to seeing our dancers try out these new training styles. See you in class this upcoming fall!


Kiera Logan Headshot.jpg

Kiera Logan

Kiera is a multidisciplinary circus artist who was born and raised in Vancouver. She started her acrobatic journey as a competitive gymnast for 10 years, then she found a passion for the circus arts. Kiera trained in an intensive circus training program throughout high school, and then transitioned into a full time artist preparatory program for another 2 years. This included extensive training from many professionals with Cirque du Soleil experience. During that time Kiera traveled to competitions in California, and Las Vegas to compete with other artists. She has also performed at various corporate events throughout the lower mainland with Blink Acro, in-house Circus Lab productions, and has toured in Alberta with Milord Entertainment. Kiera’s love for aerial silks has turned into a passion for passing on the knowledge and teaching others. She is very excited to be a part of Dance Co's faculty and is looking forward to working with everyone and the experiences that it will bring this season!


Faith Zitko

Faith is a Circus Artist born and raised in BC. Her journey to the circus began with a background in equestrian vaulting, a combination of dance and gymnastics on horseback. After taking recreational circus classes in Kelowna, Faith moved to the lower mainland where she completed the Artist Preparatory Program at Circus Lab. The program was three years of full time training where she specialized in aerial silks and contortion. Since completing the program Faith has been performing for local corporate and theatre productions. After training with some of the best skilled coaches Faith is excited to share her knowledge with the next generation.

Program Schedules by Level

Recreational: Click here
Demi-Competitive: Released in June


Competitive: Released in June
Intensive/Company: Released in June
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