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Post High-School Competition Team

Dance Co is excited to offer a new post high-school competition team for young adults hoping to continue to train and compete past high-school graduation. This is a great way to continue developing your technique and artistry, as well as get more experience and comfortability onstage. 

The Post High-School Competition Team will train at Dance Co Fraser.


Acceptance to this program will be via in-person private assessment or video submission. Please contact for more information!



The Post High-School Competitive Team is eligible for young adults (ages 18+) who have graduated high-school.


Acceptance will be based on technique and previous dance training experience. We encourage everyone to audition!


Sneak Peek Performance -- Pre-show for dancers to prepare for upcoming competitions
January & February

Competitions -- 2 over the course of the season

February - June

Recital & Showcase -- Year-end show
May/early June

*Dancers may be given additional performances throughout the year.


Competitions & Festivals

The Post High-School Competition Team dancers will compete at 1 regional competition and 1 out of town events each season, and will be required to travel to meet their competition schedule.


Please refer to our Studio Calendar for dates.

Application & Auditions

Auditions for this program will be done by in-person private assessment or by video submission. Please contact for more information or to schedule an assessment.

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