Oksana Hayduk started dancing competitively at the age of 6 in small town Sylvan Lake, Alberta, starting off with tap, ballet, and jazz, and later expanding to lyrical, pointe, and contemporary. Through 12 years of competing, she received many awards and opportunities, and began to teach at multiple studios at the age of 16. Although she has taught tap, ballet, jazz, lyrical and contemporary, she prefers to focus most on contemporary. In 2013 Oksana joined The BreakThough Movement directed by Garrett Minniti and Ahkai Franklin, based out of New York City, this is a company designed to reach out to dancers across North America through the media and bring them together to perform, create their own shows, teach workshops and more. Oksana also moved to Vancouver BC and trained with ITP (Intensive Training Program) directed by Moe Brody at Harbour Dance Centre. ITP has 20-15 hours of training per week in the styles of contemporary, hip hop, street jazz, and ballet, as well as had many performing opportunities including WE Day, Free the Children MTV Productions. In 2014 she continued her training at Harbour Dance Centre for 2 years with Aviary, a performance company focused on contemporary and jazz funk, directed by Julio Fuentes. On her 2nd year with Aviary she also trained with The Source Dance Company directed by Joanne and Alex Pesusich, again focusing on multiple styles and creating a well-rounded dancer and performer. After spending 3 years training in the commercial industry, Oksana decided to follow her true passion for contemporary and train with Modus Operandi at Out Innerspace Dance Theatre directed by Tiffany Tregarthen and David Raymond; a 4-year post secondary contemporary dance education program. She will be going into her 3rd year of training for over 30 hours a week. She has had opportunities to perform works by Company 605, Karissa Barry, David Raymond, Vanessa Goodman, Kate Franklin, Paras Terezakis, and Shay Kuebler, for MO year end recitals, International Dance Day, and New Works at Night.