In love with Street Dance culture, Helen started exploring the scene in 2012, developing a solid understanding of HipHop, Popping, Locking, and House. She is an active member in the street dance community within Vancouver. 

As being part of TwoFourSeven Company, Helen has competed around the world in events such as: VIBE, Bodyrock, World of Dance, etc; consequently, Helen is able to understand the working mentality of a professional dance company. 

Proudly being part of the top all-female Hip-Hop dance crew in Vancouver “Diamonds in the Rough”. Helen represents the Diamond’s crew in street dance battle events and has incorporated freestyle and battling as a significant part of her dance journey. They have been invited and performed at world street dance events such as: Ladies of Hip Hop, Vancouver Street Dance Festival, etc.

Helen is always very excited to share her grooves, technique, musicality, energy and fun with her students, inspiring them in finding their true self through dance.  


Bodyrock Competition 2019 3rd place 
Hip Hop International 2017 Vancouver 1st place & Canada National Finals 2nd place

Artist Emerge 2016,2017 1st place

Vancouver ADAPT Battle 2018 2nd place

Vancouver IMPACT Battle 2018 2nd place