Dance Co COVID-19 Response


We have new protocols in place to help keep our dancers, families and staff safe. Please carefully go over our new protocols listed below with your dancer(s) to make sure they are well versed in our expectations.

If you, your child or any one you have been in close contact with have any cold, flu, or COVID-19 symptoms (including fever, cough, shortness of breath etc) please do NOT attend class or enter the studio. If your child starts exhibiting symptoms in class, we will contact you and they will be asked to go home.

We will still be offering online options for students that are unable to come into the studio, or for dancers that are feeling ill but would still like to attend class from home! We understand that everyone is in a different situation. Please reach out to us for more information!


You will find a health waiver attached HERE. Please print this off, sign, and bring it to your first class with Dance Co. We will also have copies available at the front door for you to sign before your child's first class. This MUST be completed before their first class. This form only has to be completed the first time you come to Dance Co.

Please fill out our COVID-19 Assessment Form before attending classes at the studio daily. We ask that you do not come to class if you answer 'yes' to any of the COVID-19 questions.

Dance Co has MERV 13 air filters which provide the highest quality air filtration system for dance studios. This is the highest grade air filtration system before hospitals. 


We will still require all students over the age of 5 and staff to wear masks in common areas of the facility, such as the hallways, bathrooms and communal areas of the office. Masks will be optional in classrooms however we still highly recommend and encourage that everyone over the age of 12 wear a mask in the classroom until they are fully vaccinated. We anticipate that many members of our Dance Co community will still opt to wear masks in class and we encourage you to continue to make all of your students feel comfortable with their mask choices.

Dancers are no longer required to remain in their own boxes during class. However, we do still ask that dancers and staff give each other personal space.

Please continue reading the following protective measures to ensure the safety of our dancers and teachers.​


"We know the DCO team works tremendously hard throughout a normal season. But the extra time and effort you put into connecting and practicing with the dancers through online classes (and now in studio) was (is) amazing. Many schools couldn’t get their act together as fast and as thoughtful as Dance Co! Thank you for that!"

Dance Co Studio Protocols.png