Competitive Auditions 2019

Demi-Competitive, Competitive, Intensive, Company & Pro Half-Day
2019/20 Program Audition Information

THURSDAY, JUNE 13TH, 2019 at Dance Co Arbutus (auditions for both studio locations)


Any student wishing to dance at the Demi-Competitive, Competitive, Intensive, Company or Pro-Half Day levels for the 2019/2020 dance year MUST attend an audition for placement.

Auditions are open to ALL students, including current Pro Half-Day, Company, Intensive, Competitive, and Demi-Competitive dancers, as well recreational dancers and future students new to Dance Co. This includes dancers who are auditioning for both locations.

If you are UNABLE to attend the audition on Thursday, June 13th please click here to fill out a competitive program interest form. We will contact you to set up an assessment in order to place the dancer into the most fitting program for their abilities and interests.

At Dance Co we believe in holding placement auditions each year, for all of our new and returning students. Unlike academic school it is not as simple as moving up to the next grade. All of our dancers are constantly growing and improving however each student moves at their own pace. As such, we re-evaluate the placement of each child every year, in order to ensure their success!

Please fill out our competitive audition form provided below. Dancers should select the level they are hoping to get accepted into. We look forward to seeing you in the audition classes!

Please click below for more detailed information regarding age groups & levels, audition attire, bursaries & the post-audition registration process.

Competitive Program Audition Form